Woxic on his goals for 2019: Interview at IEM Sydney

the mousesports betting market player who started with the team this year and has big dreams.

we had the chance to catch up with özgür “woxic” eker at iem sydney. he’s a funny, dedicated guy with a bit of a wild side (wait till you hit the vegemite). he gave us his thoughts on australia and playing with mousesports.

woxic is a player with lots of firsts on his hands. first year playing with mousesports, first time in australia, and first big tournament with his new team. woxic hails from turkey and is a pro csgo player as an awper. having previously played with g2 esports, he joined mousesports in 2019. this young gun has his sights set on big goals for this year:

as a team we’re working really hard… of course, i want to win lots of trophies with this team [this year], and i’m really hungry about it. the main thing is to go to major, and win the major with the team. i’ll try to work more and more… we have to keep grinding.

unfortunately, mousesports was knocked out in the quarter finals by mibr. woxic was very honest and said he’s a little sad not playing in front of the amazing crowds at iem sydney. but he’s very optimistic, saying he’ll just have to wait till next year. he said he’s really enjoyed his time here with mouse so far and looking forward to more great things with the team.

and that’s not all woxic is looking forward to. as his first time in australia, woxic and the team are hoping to check out some of the sites before heading home:

when we asked woxic what he wanted to see most while on tour, he responded with, “aussie, aussie, aussie!” a true australian chant. it seems like the local crowd has made its mark on this turkey resident.

woxic was also game enough to try an australian delicacy — vegemite — to which he commented:

oh wow!!! i don’t want to be rude, but it kinda tastes like coffee! yes coffee, but bad coffee. it’s like for 10 days it’s been on table. i dunno, do aussies really like this?

if you want to be as brave as woxic, try some vegemite and tell us what you think of this treat!

before we let woxic go on his merry way, he gave us his iem sydney championship prediction — team liquid — and left us with a (turkish) message for all his fans:

.@w0xic from @mousesports has a message for his fans back at home

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