Presenting Guilloche: The Journal of Plaza Vendome

In watchmaking Guilloche -pronounced ‘gui-lo-she’A�is the drawing or pattern over the dial of a watch. Small patterns made by hand using a machine that dates back to the early days of watchmaking by master artisans, these contain much of the identity of a watch.

Here at Plaza Vendome we have thought for a while of our Editorial hand to communicate with our customers and friends our brand news and products and here it is: Guilloche the journal of Plaza Vendome.

First in digital version, this is accesible via your smartphone, tablet or PC and soon in traditional media form, Guilloche is the place for our customers and friends to keep up to date with our news and our industry. Of course you can add this in your news feeder RSS.

Welcome to Guilloche the Journal of Plaza Vendome.

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