Hublot and Ferrari launch New Luxury Watch

Plaza Vendome held a launching cocktail to publicize the alliance of Hublot with Ferrari and present the new line of watches of the prestigious Switzerland house, inspired by the italian team. The event was held Thursday 26th of september 2013, at the Plaza Vendome Boutique in Guayaquil, Ecuador.

“We have the perfect combination between two important brands of luxury, of two successful brands, two brands of high-tech and cutting-edge”. – Luca Di Montezemolo (Ferrari President).

Product description:

The body is made of PVD titanium machining with CNC (computer numerical Control) one and finished by hand with many hours of detailed and polished by Hublot engineers.

Other components found is carbon. Made in materials such as carbon fiber, rhodium and these Big Bang Ferrari titanium carry inside a machine HUB124, unique with a chronograph. Anti reflective Sapphire Crystal and their special screws in the form of H. All this watch is composed of 330 parts.

This watch also stands out for the sapphire crystal red, made with a direct staining in the mass through the addition of chemical components, which has a tamper-proof color; and by straps that presents material of skin black or red Schedoni with stitched in black rubber, obtaining more flexibility, comfort and durability.

Images at the Gallery below.

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