Before the pandemic COVID-19 IBIA recorded growth rates of suspicious

The International Association of fairness in rates (IBIA) reported to the appropriate authorities of the 61 cases of suspicious betting on the sport for the first quarter of 2020.

 It is known that the total number of such cases, higher by 36% compared to the fourth quarter of 2019 and 65% higher than in the first quarter of last year. Clarifies that IBIA members recorded growth of suspicious activity in the area of ​​interest rates in mid-March, a week before the general transfers sporting events.

 Director General of IBIA Khalid Ali said in a statement said that despite the fact that the focus of the industry is on the availability of services and business performance, it is still necessary to remember about the vulnerability of sporting events in terms of corruption and related rates them that eventually pose a threat to the income statements.

 By the way, the Russian BC declare suspension of work due to COVID-19.

 IBIA representatives expect that even after a lull threat to business still grow, because the sports activities will be restored, and the proposals on the rates will return to their former positions. IBIA will continue to use its global platform for market monitoring for the protection of their representatives and the sports industry from fraud. According to members of the association, the integrity of the product and consumer confidence will be key to the sector recovery.

 Additional data for the first quarter of 2020:

 44% Caution for sporting events held in Europe;

 31, the notification of suspicious fraud in tennis and 18 in football alerts;

 15 alerts, the catechumens a week before the global abolition of sporting events and 7 catechumens alert since the beginning of the global abolition of large-scale events;

 Russia, where it was noted 11 alerts entered in the ranking of countries on suspicious rates.

 IBIA is a world leader in the field of fair betting. The association created specifically to protect the gambling operators from the effects of corruption. Platform monitoring and alerting Association is today a highly effective anti-corruption tool that informs about suspicious activity in the betting market.

 Recall that brought the epidemic coronavirus betting world market – the decline of industry and flourishing virtual sports.

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